Do Possums Climb Well?

Possums are one of the few animals in the United States that may either put a smile on ones face or a frown. Notorious in sub-urban communities for destroying gardens and getting in fights with domesticated animals, possums are generally considered intruders and are compared to raccoons and stray dogs. Being omnivores, they are likely to eat whatever they can get their hands on which is why you might find them in your backyard at night, sitting in the trash can chewing on last nights leftovers. 

Where can we find possums?

Possums are the only type of marsupials that are found outside Australia. They belong to the same family of pouched mammals such as Kangaroos. Possums are widely distributed in North and South America. Mexico and Canada are famous for hosting a large population of these little mammals. Furthermore, as much as these animals live in the jungle, you are likely to come across them in suburban and urban settlements as well, where they normally live under dense foliage or in the attics of abandoned warehouses.

Can they be domesticated?

Due to their large numbers in various places, you are very likely to come across a young possum. It is always a more humane choice to help the little furry mammal but to keep them as pets is strictly illegal, and you may require a wildlife rehabilitation permit for that. Possums do not make for good pets and are instinctively wild animals. Hence, if you do manage to come across a sick or young possum, it is best to report to the relevant authorities and let them handle the case. Fit and healthy possums are likely to be released back into their natural habitat after rehabilitation.

Natural predators and prey

Possums are small animals, growing up to about the size of a domesticated cat. This, and the fact that they are omnivores means that they are somewhere in the middle of the food chain. Possums are likely to live off of the pre-existing rabbits, snakes, rats and mice of the vicinity they are in. However, due to their size, they are also likely to be hunt by bigger animals such as foxes, stray dogs, big cats, dogs, eagles and owls.

Can they climb good enough to evade hunters?

Since possums are on the menu for several animals, evolution and natural selection have blessed them with a feature that helps them escape such predators. They are relatively good tree-climbers and use this ability to escape predators. Aided by sharp claws, which helps in gripping the bark, and a long tail, which often serves as an extra limb, possums are winged creatures that spend a good deal of time aloft.

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